Ontario Personal Injury Lawyers

Ontario Personal Injury Lawyers

At Ontario Personal Injury Lawyers our goal is to maximize your damage recovery. And we want to do it within a reasonable time frame. We are prepared to be paid based on the results we achieve.

We provide contingency fee arrangements for qualified cases of personal injury involving:

Automobile Accidents

Disability Insurance Claims

Falls, Slips and Trips

Icy Sidewalks

Occupier’s Liability

Premises Liability

Products Liability

Recreational Sports Supervision Negligence

Trucking Accidents

Watersport Accidents

No doubt you have the opportunity to make a choice of the lawyer who will represent you. Only choose Ontario Personal Injury Lawyers if you want the following:

Experience that comes from having dealt with thousands of cases

The effort required to stay on top of the latest case law

Timely and client focused service

Due diligence in case presentation

Negotiating skills acquired through study and practice

A systems based approach to case prosecution

Our approach provides an assessment to determine the damages that can be pursued in your case. These damages can include pain and suffering, loss of income, business losses, loss of household services, medical, rehabilitation and other healthcare expenses, the cost of personal and attendant care services, home modification and assistive device expenses, as well as the loss of care, guidance and companionship.

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